CTIS - Consumer Technology & Innovation Show

CTIS - Consumer Technology & Innovation Show

The ChangeMaker team is excited to participate in the Consumer Technology & Innovation Show (CTIS). This premier event in the tech industry is a platform for companies and innovators to present the latest advancements in consumer technology. Attendees can expect to see a diverse array of products, including state-of-the-art gadgets, smart home devices, and groundbreaking software and AI applications.

AR interactive Games
Real-time 3D modelling of Human body for VR & AR applications

Autonomous cleaning robot
Self-driving EV Car

CTIS is not just about showcasing products; it also serves as a hub for networking and collaboration. Industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and investors converge to exchange ideas, discover emerging trends, and form strategic partnerships. For the ChangeMaker team, attending CTIS represents a valuable opportunity to engage with the forefront of technological innovation, gain insights into market trends, and potentially unveil their own pioneering solutions to a global audience.

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